Sister company of the consulting and engineering firm IED, IED Invest has the objective of developing small decentralized and autonomous units of electricity production from renewable energies, giving a concrete meaning to the term "public private partnership", especially Sub-Saharan Africa and  South and South East Asia, where IED already operates for many years.
Business sustainability is ensured by the close partnership between IED Invest and IED group, all together with its subsidiaries, through which the IED invest has the capacity to mobilize specific technical expertise in order to develop and operate Renewable Energy projects.
Through IED subsidiaries and its project management offices, IED Invest works closely with local teams, and has developed sound knowledge of the economic, sociological and contractual environments specific to each country in which it operates (references available on the website www.ied-sa .com).
IED Invest is engaging into equity operations only within fully controlled environments, which guarantees the medium-term profitability of renewable energy / energy efficiency projects in rural or suburban areas.
A major objective is to leverage additional funding from commercial banks.


Apr 3, 2013
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