BRED (Philippines)

Busuanga, Culion & Linapacan Islands Renewable Energy Development Project

Country: Philippines. .
Technology: Hybrid PV Diesel
Start: 2015
End : On going
Investment :  
CoFinancing : French Ministry of Finance – Fonds d’Etudes et d’Aide au Secteur Privé  (FASEP)
The project focuses on the islands of Busuanga, Culion and Linapacan where the energy con-straint is now very strong.
The electricity distribution cooperative BISELCO supplies about 12,000 customers while its mandate covers the three islands that represent a total of 25,000 households. Therefore, only 50% of the population, mainly clustered in villages with easier access, are connected to the BISELCO grid.
Furthermore, electricity is now produced only from thermal plants (diesel or heavy fuel oil) resulting in high costs, considering the additional costs fuel transport costs in these remote areas.
Grid extensions and development of economic activities (tourism, pearl culture, ice produc-tion for export of fish) lead to very strong growth in demand for electric power, requiring the development of new electricity generating capacities..
With this in mind, the Department of Envi-ronment and Natural Resources (DENR), in collaboration with the Department of Ener-gy (DOE), is looking for a sustainable solu-tion supply of electricity to populations.
The BRED project aims to determine the best technical and organizational plan to:
 achieve a high penetration of renewa-ble sources in the energy mix to en-hance local potentials (biomass, solar) ;
 reduce carbon emissions ;
 rehabilitate degraded land and gener-ate income through the establish-ment of plantations for energy purpos-es ;
 define technical set-up replicable on the thousands of islands that make up the archipelago of the Philippines.
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