Mbakaou (Cameroon)

Hydroelectric plant construction and electrification of 8 localities, MBAKAOU Quarry, Cameroon

Country: Cameroon
Technology: Hydro
Srtart: 2011
End: on going (end : 2017)
Investment : 4 880 000 €
Co-Financing : European Union (Energy Facility)
Entreprise associée : AER, ARSEL (Agence de régulation du secteur de l’électricité), MINEE (Ministère de l’Energie et de l’Eau
Socio-economic development of the concern area thanks to sustainable electrical service, ensured by a private investor, investing and operating a hydroelectric power plant as well as its power distribution network.
To do so, a 1,22 MW small hydroelectric power plant built upstream of the Djerem waterfalls as well as the medium and low voltage distribution network construction of 70 km, enabling the connection of 2800 households spread over 8 localities.
Aims :
1. Ensure a low cost sustainable electrical service, available to people of the covered area.
2. Upgrade the population quality of Life as well as the development of productive uses.
3. Demonstrate the ability of private operators to be part of the rural electrification reform.
Secondary objectives :
- Upgrade power supply in terms of quality in the 2 localities already electrified by the AES SONEL utility with a diesel generator set by means of hydro-electric power injection.
- Extension of the electrical service to suburban areas as well as small localities, efficient equipment spreading and promotion of the electricity uses by means of income generating activities (IGA).
- First example of rural electrification project development carried by an investor from the private sector within the existing regulatory framework.

Activities performed :
(1) Study and preparation of the tenders
(2) Execution of works and commissioning
(3) supporting measures
(4) Authorization obtaining
(5) finalization of the financial and contractual devices
(6) Spreading and communication.
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